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  • effective volume(m3): 20,30,50,60,100
  • medium: LNG, LO2, LAr, LN2, LCO2
  • design pressure(MPa): 1.2
  • Last update: 2015/03/17
  • Skid-mounted/small and medium size CNG gas station: large scale CNG gas station
  • 8000-20000(Daily refilling scale): ≥20000(Daily refilling scale)
  • 1x30 or 1x60(LNG storage volume, m3): 2x60 or 4x60(LNG storage volume, m3)
  • Last update: 2015/03/17
  • LNG Storage Volumu(m3): 1000-5000
  • Working Pressure of Storage Tank(MPa): 0.6-1.0
  • vaporization scale: 20000-60000Nm3/h
  • Last update: 2015/03/17
  • LNG Satellite Station: LNG vaporizing station
  • LNG storage amount: 200-1800: LNG storage amount: 25-1200
  • Storage Tanker Working Pressure: 0.6-1.0: Storage Tanker Working Pressure: 0.6-1.0
  • Last update: 2015/03/17
  • LNG Storage Volume(m3): ≤5
  • Tank Pressure(MPa): 0.6-0.8
  • vaporizing scale: ≤200Nm3/h
  • Last update: 2015/03/17
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