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  • Type: CYJ3-1.5-9HB
  • Polished Rod Capacity (lbs): 30
  • Stroke Length (in): 1.5/1.2/0.9
  • Last update: 2020/03/13
    Mazhuangqiao,Puyang City,Henan Province,China
  • Type: C-912D-470-240
  • Polished Rod Capacity (lbs): 47,000
  • Stroke Length (in): 240、211、181
  • Last update: 2020/03/13
    Mazhuangqiao,Puyang City,Henan Province,China
  • Model: CYJ3-1.5-9HB
  • Rated rod load kN: 30
  • Stroke m: 1.5/1.2/0.9
  • Last update: 2020/03/13
    No. 465, Daqing Road, Puyang City, Henan Province, China
    Last update: 2020/05/29
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