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  • Nominal dia mm(in): 15.88(5/8)
  • Nominal outer dia. of threads mm(in): 23.81(15/16)
  • Outer dia. of clamps mm(in): 38.10(1 1/2)
  • Last update: 2015/03/13
    No. 465, Daqing Road, Puyang City, Henan Province, China
    Last update: 2015/05/04
    No 18 Tongyang Road(S) Juegang Town Rudong County Jiangsu Province
    Last update: 2017/07/06
    No.19, xuanyuan road, yuhua district, shijiazhuang, hebei
    CTB-005 electric valve CTB-005 electric valve SSR Series Single Drum Roller:SSR200-5 SSR Series Single Drum Roller:SSR200-5 Iron casting 200 Iron casting 200 Three-way valveball(T type) Three-way valveball(T type) NC machining parts,Handle valve NC machining parts,Handle valve
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