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damper piston rod
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damper piston rod
Contact Name: Mr Hou
Tel: 86-531-88872105-8087/ 86-18560103913
Address: 1166 Xinluo Street, Jinan, 250101, China
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Product Attributes

Model Number:customized

Guide Width or Diameter:per drawing

Guide Length:per drawing

Detailed Description

Diameter  φ 6-φ 80mm

Length  100-3000mm

Specifications can be customized per your drawings or requests

Surface roughness  Ra 0.05-0.2um

Straightness  0.05mm/ m

Circular degree  ≤ 0.001mm/Overall length

Surface hardness  Over HRC62 

Overall length variation  ≤ 0.005mm

OD Precision   f7

Cycle life  40000 times

Corrosion Resistance  through salt spray test 240h

Surface treatment   QPQ, chrome plated

Material  45 steel, 40Cr, 12Cr13, 20Cr13 etc.

Application  Automobile or motorcycle, Machinery, Electron industry, Transportation, Fitness exercises, Medical equipment etc. 

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