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SQDD-X Small-Diameter Electronic Multi-Shot Inclinometer
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SQDD-X Small-Diameter Electronic Multi-Shot Inclinometer
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Tel: +86-371-67980818/828/838
Address: No.17 Dongqing street, Hi-Tech Development District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China
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Main Characteristics:

1. Probe diameter is only Φ27mm/1.06 in

2. Able to collect 8000 sets of data
3. Able to determine bottom single data with time
4. Able to estimate downhole magnetic field variation
5. Battery can work 20 hrs continuously
6. Easy to learn and operate

Specification and technical parameter:
Inclination:                         ±0.1°(0~180°)
Azimuth:                             ±1.0° (0~360°) (inclination≥5°)
GTF Angle:                         ±1.0° (0~360°) (Inclination≥5°)
MTF Angle:                        ±1.0° (0~360°) (Inclination≥5°)
Max Working Temp:       -10~125℃/14~257℉
Max Pressure Strength:  160MPa/ 23200Psi
Physical Dimension:        Φ27×513mm/Φ1.06×20.2 in
Probe Diameter:               Φ38mm/Φ1.5 in

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