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Hydraulic Oil De-airing and Filling Station
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Hydraulic Oil De-airing and Filling Station
Contact Name: Liu Zhe (Manager)
Tel: 86 10-63753073; 15810456711
Address: No.39 12th zone, No.188 Western RD, South 4th Ring RD, Beijing, China
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Product instructions:
This equipment adopts micro-processor controlled, pressure gauge as the sensor, solenoid valve as the actuator,which is a complete automatic control system.

The whole filling process is divided into oil-filled vacuum process and the oil cycling process.The vacuum
pump vacuumizes the underground instrument to reach the required vacuum degree, feedback signal from
the pressure gauge makes the vacuum pump stop working. Using micro-circulation pump, oil fluid flows circularly
inside the pulser, add pressure pulse as well to exhaust the residual gas in the pulser more effectivily.
The main oil-filled process is designed as automatic control system, and will alarm when abnormal condition
occurs, which significantly reduce the work intensity of technical staff.

Features and Benefits:
◆ Unique design of control procedure
◆ Unattended refilling process
◆ Oil status is visible
◆ Digital display each period of work time
◆ Automatic alarm abnormal condition
◆ Cabinet easy to transport and maintain
◆ Can be applied to fill for down-hole survey tool

◆ Fill oil for the pulse

Equipment Parameters
 Dimension s  800×550×500mm / 31.5×21.7×19.7 in
 Power supply 220/110V AC
 Maximum power   660W
 Weight  35 kg / 77 lb

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