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electric water valve CWX-10Q full port
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electric water valve CWX-10Q full port
Contact Name: Mr Shi
Tel: 86-22-85685296
Address: The 5th floor, Unit C, Tower B, XinMao Science & Technology Park, 16 Rongyuan Road, Huayuan Industrial
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Brief Description

electricwater valve CWX-10Q full port Features: Mini dimension suits for samll equipment Metal gear

Voltage : DC3-6V,9-24V,AC9-24V

Extra long life: 100000 times Min. Low working current,less 100mA Protection : IP65 Manual override function is safe an

Detailed Description

electric water valve CWX-10Q full port 


Mini dimension suits for samll equipment

Metal gear

Voltage :  DC3-6V,9-24V,AC9-24V    

Extra long life: 100000 times Min.

Low working current,less 100mA

Protection : IP65

Manual override function is safe and easy

Suitable to :

Water treatment      

Quick open/close condition

Water drinking equiments

The Circumstantce Pnematic valve can not worked


Technical paremeters:

Size: 1/2'' to 1 inches

Material: stainless stell(304,316),brass,UPVC


Max working pressure:1.0MPa

Actuator rotation:90 degree

Manual orerride: available

Body: SS,Brass

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