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Water Well Drill Pipe
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Water Well Drill Pipe
Contact Name: Cui Yaping (Manager)
Tel: 086-311-84386267; 18633912255 Service Hotline: 400-680-3004
Address: economic development zone of Beikou, Yingli County, Jinzhou, shijiazhuangHebei
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Water well drill pipe product specifications

SPEC: Φ73x9x(9.5/6.1)m Pipe body material: DZ40、DZ50、R780、G105
SPEC: Φ89x10x(9.5/6.1)m Tool joint material: 40Cr、45Mn2、35Crmo、4137H

OD of pipe body(mm)Φ50Φ60Φ73Φ89Φ102Φ114Φ127
OD of joint(mm)Φ65Φ75Φ105Φ127Φ133.4Φ158.8Φ168
Wall thickness of pipe(mm)
Length of drill rod(mm)1000~45001000~45001500~95001500~95003000~95001500~95005000-9500

Water well drill pipe applications

Using to projects of mine blasting, water well drilling, geothermal well drilling, pipe-shed support drilling, coal mining and non-ferrous mental mining and so on.

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