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Si3N4/SSiC/ZrO2 Ceramic Angular Contact Ball Bearings
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Si3N4/SSiC/ZrO2 Ceramic Angular Contact Ball Bearings
Contact Name: Miss Zhang
Tel: 86-010-89233753
Address: A38#,Weishazhuang Industry,Daxing District
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Brief Description1.Ceramic Angular Contact Ball Bearings


3.Cage types:PEEK/PTFE/PFA

4.Typical types:7000

Detailed Description 

More Information about the ceramic angular contact ball bearings:

1.Main Material:Si3N4,SSiC,ZrO2


3.Max working temp:260 centigrade

4.Usage:ball bearings for high precision,anti-corrosion,vacuum,nonmagnetic,high temp,low temp,electric insulation

5.Characteristic:resistance to strong acid,strong alkali,salt and gas of deleterious,long life,high hardness,especially resistance to wear,high modulus of elasticity

6.Payment term:30% TT down payment,the balance paid before delivery.

7.Trade term:FOB Beijing

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